David Warsh, an economic journalist, is author of three books and proprietor of Economic Principals, an independent Web-based weekly. This page offers a few links to his work.

Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations:

A Story of Economic Discovery

(W.W. Norton, 2006)
Paperback, 2007
paperback, 2007

tr. Gunnar Sandin

tr. Pietro Anelli
An account of the beginnings of “new” growth theory in the 1980s and ’90s.

Economic Principals:

Masters and Mavericks of Modern Economics

(The Free Press, 1993)
A collection of columns from The Boston Globe, 158 of them.

The Idea of Economic Complexity

(Viking, 1984)

paperback, Penguin, 1985
An early plea for considering the degree of specialization and interdependence (complexity) in relation to aggregate market size and price levels.

Economic Principals

An independent weekly, free on the Web, supported by a relative handful of readers’ subscriptions.

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