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Second only in interest to the text of a new book is the reception it receives. Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations got a terrific review in the Sunday New York Times from Princeton economist/Times columnist Paul Krugman. It received a knowledgeable plug as well from George Mason economist Tyler Cowen, who modestly understated the role he plays in the story. (In 1988, Cowen and Amihai Glazer wrote a note that goaded Paul Romer into a far-reaching reformulation of the attributes of economic goods.) Columnist Steven Pearlstein of the Washingon Post commended it to readers of the Washington Post’s business page. 

Alas, KWoN didn’t make Greg Mankiw’s list of recommended summer reading for his students. Still, the early interest was enough to keep the title in the 20s on Amazon’s Top Sellers in Books for the first few days of the week. 

KWoN is published officially on Monday, May 22.

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  1. Philippe L Said,

    May 26, 2006 @ 8:13 am

    The review by Krugman was indeed terrific but it does take issue with the prominence and weight you assign to Romer 90 (although this misrepresentation does not detract from the overall value of the book, in Kruman’s opinion). Since the importance of Romer 90 as a pivotol moment is central to your book, I am hoping you will use this blog to respond to Krugman. Or is your focus on Romer 90 just a device to write about new growth theory? Thanks.

    DW: As happy as I was with Paul Krugman’s review (and that of The Economist), neither had much to say about the argument of the book.  So yes, at some point, I will address his doubts on this page. I’ll mull it over for a bit. I am not much of a blogger at heart!  

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